martedì 7 novembre 2017

FW 190 D-9 "Dora" - Hasegawa 1/72

It's the old but still good kit, with a loving box-art by Shigeo Koike, to whom i have added the old dedicated PE sheet from Eduard

I have done some work on the wheels bay ( incorrect because it's for an A version ), drilling and removing part of the floor and adding tubes and cables with evergreen, stretched sprue and copper and lead wire.

 Painting was done with Mr.Color and Tamiya and weathering with oils, pastels and pigments.

The aircraft depicted represents a Dora build from Roland Weserflug found at Pilsen in 1945, probably belonged to an unidentified Erg.KG(J) unit.

Camouflage is very interesting, according with my main source ( Fw 190 D camouflage & markings II -Japo) aircraft sported a true patchwork...

Fuselage was in 76 with an upper camouflage in 81 with a single area in 82 behind the canopy; engine unit was originally in 83 over 76 ( in a classic Junkers finish) , but the engine cowl was partially oversprayed with 81.

Tail is in 76 with some slight blotches in 81, upper wings in 83 over 76, underwings in W3 scheme with a large transverse band in a dark color ( i have used 81) over natural metal.

Plug was left metal, with a narrow light colored  band that i supposed have been also in 76.

Spinner was missing in the real pic ( as the canopy) , so black without spiral it's a speculation.

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